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Life Lessons Leading to Success

Take Action! Live your Life with purpose! Angeline Benjamin's book, "Life Lessons Leading to Success" has been described as a "must-read.". She takes you on a journey and provides valuable and encouraging life lessons. Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions to inspire and empower you.
Angeline grew up in Indonesia during a tumultuous time. In high school, she was gifted the opportunity of a lifetime to come to the United States. Knowing only a few English words, she overcame many challenges, received a scholarship for higher education, and found mentors that invested in her and gave her valuable guidance. Often said to herself, What do I have to lose? She accomplished goal after goal and went on to work in her field of passion as a microbiologist.
Angeline dedicates this book to her parents, who played an essential role in her life, making tremendous sacrifices for their family. Throughout her lifetime, she finds and values mentors and coaches who encouraged her with their valuable insights. She encourages you to find proper guidance through those who can help you achieve the life you dream about!
Angeline reflects on today's life as a results coach and shares her success formula with you. She says, "It is essential to decide what you value in your life, then make that your priority in life. Take Action! Don't waste your life. Never give up on what you want! Live your life with purpose!"

It's All About Showing Up: The Power is in the Asking

It's All About Showing Up: The Power is in the Asking is an anthology of 45 Individual heartfelt stories written by 46 authors. The Purpose of this book is to provide examples of how implementing these important mantras can be life changing. Each story is completely different with the emphasis of how Showing Up changed the trajectory of the path in life they were on or how having the courage to Ask lead them to where they are. These two mantras are very powerful pivotal mantras to incorporate into one's life. The opportunities that will arrive can be so unexpected and lead to beautiful destinations. These destinations may be personal or professional. The book is compiled of such stories. Some authors experienced meeting their life partners while others landed the job of their dreams. This is a truly unique book, as each story is relatable and insightful. The idea of this book was created by Author Robbie Motter. She has dedicated her life to empowering woman to reach their potential both personally and professional. She is a true living legend and a catalyst for change. She has helped thousands of individuals both men and woman as a master connector, This book attributes just a few ways, what she has taught has made a big difference in the lives that she has touched. Every reader from any walk of life will be happy they have stumbled upon this book as there is so much knowledge and value within the pages that will enhance the readers personal development and perspective. This book will motivate, captivate and deliver a great read. The contributing authors are all dynamic woman on the same path of helping others by sharing their personal stories and words of encouragement.

The Contributing Authors are listed here in alphabetical order.

Mirjana Anastasijevic; Kimberly Anderson; Angeline Benjamin; Barbara Berg; Kelly Breaux; Angela Covany; Caprice Crebar; Marcy Decato; Darla Delayne; Virginia Earl; Sandie Fuenty; Raven Hilden; Nanciann Horvath; Lauryn Hunter; Deborah Irish; Rosalyn Kahn; Aggie Kobrin; Wendy Laduke; Gillian Larson; Florence LaRue; Dr. Cherilyn Lee; Jeannette Lehoullier; Diana Londyn; Sue Lopez; Debbie Love; Marlena Martin; Luan Mitchell; Pamela Moffat; Mercedita Noland; Katherine Orho; Kisa Puckett; Lori Raupe; Reanna Ritter; Dr. Iris. Rosenfeld; Shelly Rufin; Dawn Schultz; Rhonda Sher; Kelly Smith; Maryann Ridini Spencer; Dr. Sharron Stroud; Deborah Thorne; Angel Toussaint; Joan Wakeland; Violet Williams; Dorothy Wolons.

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